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Tea Party

The Tea Party is NOT a political party. But that’s what the mainstream media seems to be making it as. The Original so called “Tea Party” was in Boston and involved a bunch of people who weren’t happy because they were being over taxed so they decided to dump Tea into the harbor as a way of getting back at the Government. If that was done today they would be labeled terrorist and would be locked up under the Patriot Act which was signed into law by a so called Republican George W. Bush. Now you have some Republican’s claiming to “join the Tea party” as a way to get back at the Democrats, I would like to see some of these so called Republicans actually dump Tea into a harbor because of being over taxed, I doubt they’ll do that. This new Tea party 2.0 was helped started by Ron Paul, now these so called Republicans won’t even bring up his name at these “Tea party rally’s” which are really just political rally’s. Then you had people protesting on April 15 (Tax day) over the federal income tax, did these people file their taxes? If they really wanted to get a Tea Party going they wouldn’t pay their income taxes and rip up their tax forms in front of those post offices or IRS buildings, but then they would probably would be arrested for some terrorist act. Just my thought. What do we do? yap it up in the comments.

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Yapstream is going through a redesign of site, including new authors, which means more content, so stay tuned. If you would like to be a author, contact us by clicking here, make sure to include it’s for yapstream. Thank you for your patience.

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Danny Tarkanian for U.S. Senate 2010

Tuesday night Danny Tarkanian had a event at a local restaurant in Las Vegas to promote his campaign for US Senate. The current person in this seat is Senator Harry Reid, who has a very low approval rate in Nevada currently, Harry Reid needs to be fired!! He must of forgot he works for us. So, he are some clips from the event. A side note I unfortunately did not get the whole piece because the batteries died in my flip cam, I quickly switched to my iphone to use a jail-broken video app, but there was no sound, so that video is no good, I then switched to the ustream app and broadcasted that last part live, I apologise, mental note to self: make sure I have fresh batteries.


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Obama in Las Vegas

Well, President Obama is on his way to Las Vegas, he has talked down about Las Vegas a couple of times, should be interesting what he has to say. Link to news articular.

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Haiti now US territory?

Departments of Haiti
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This just in…sort of…Apparently the Haitian Gov’t is requesting the UN to grant the US to take over the Haitian gov’t. however a simple google search of ‘haiti to become us territory’ shows that this has been in the works long before the earthquake happened, actually back when Bush II was in office link. But, over on Yahoo answers the question was asked and everyone is saying it’s bogas link. Whatever the case may be, Haiti is a poor country and can not support it self, therefore I don’t believe the US is the answer, the Dominican Republic shares the island with Haiti, they should be the one to make it a province. What do you think? Yap it up in the comments.

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Haiti is a distraction

Location of Vancouver within the Greater Vanco...
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Do your research. On January 12th there was a earthquake, with a lot of people who were killed, which is horrible http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2010/haiti.quake/, however WE are not helping them, we’re creating a distraction for what really happened NORTH of the US border, in Canada, http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/01/15/bc-missing-ammonium-nitrate.html That’s TWO Tonnes of explosives that is missing near Vancouver. I hope nothing happens at the Olympics but keep an eye out, and if your going be very careful there. This could get ugly.

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